Lucy (Allstars parent)

The best music school in the universe. It gives children the confidence to shine and have a great time. 

Dean (Allstars parent)

Such a great collective. Giving local kids amazing musical opportunities. My kids have loved it and benefitted immensely.

Sara (Allstars parent)

If your kids are into playing music, they could not do better than joining up. Dave is so commited and passionate about helping kids to play live, to find their own sound and to give them the confidence to play on stage. Dave and the allstars are such a bonus to the local community and we’re lucky to have them.

Paula (Allstars parent)

Both of my sons have been part of AllStars collective. The best part for us has been watching them grow and develop their confidence and love for music. Of course this didn’t happen by magic. Dave is the person behind it all. He empowers the young players to be the best they can be and feeds the passion for what they do with heaps of enthusiasm. The young musicians are truly committed to what they

Will (Allstars parent)

Dave has taught my son for the past 6 years and has turned him into an amazing guitar player and given him the confidence to perform in front of live audiences. Dave’s the ultimate Rock guru and his enthusiasm and knowledge has definitely rubs off onto his students. Great teacher, friend and legend. Thanks for everything 🤘🏻

Liz (Allstars parent)

Shoreham Allstars Is just amazing. My son loves his sessions and really looks forward to them, wish we had found out about this earlier. Dave’s enthusiasm and commitment is great and there are lots of opportunities for playing live. Great space for kids to be with like minded musicians and develop their skills and musical identity.

Rich (Allstars parent)

Amazing and unique. Our kids enjoy Allstars and get so much out of it. Songwriting, stage craft, musicianship but also inspiration, sense of belonging and identity, and having fun! We’re so lucky that Dave has the passion for running this and he’s a great guy and musician. Can’t recommend enough, especially if you’re into music and want to inspire your kids 

Cody Matthews, singer for NOISY (have just completed their first European tour)

The Allstars was a big kick starter in my gigging career, I had played a few shows here and there before… but Allstars put me on a new platform where I could gig on a regular basis. It was great. I got to jam with a range of different musicians and got set targets for the regular shows e.g. Choosing covers to learn in a band or writing original songs. I got to perform in