Allstars band roster

Take a look at the current roster of Allstars bands below:


Style: Here we have the mighty Route 66, a band will style, skill and energy in abundance – couple this with a super eclectic set of tunes (including the first ever Allstars band singing a song in French!) and you’ve got a hit band on your hands! Members: Zennor (vocals), Henry (guitar), Taz (drums), Cornelius (bass) Band formed: January 2024


Style: Broken Myth are a fun and creative trio bringing in quirky orginal songs and inspired covers to the mix and putting on an entertaining and engaging show! Members: Alex (guitar), Ivor (vocals), Angus (drums) Band formed: September 2023


Style: The Moonrockers are a super motivated and dynamic four-piece with no less than four singers taking on vocal duties in a fully rocking and powerful set ot tunes. Aceness all round! Members: Ethan (drums/vocals), Seb 1 (guitar/vocals), Seb 2 (guitar/vocals), Jonah (bass/vocals) Band formed: March 2024


Style: Myths are a fun and creative quartet full of talent and imagination who are on a mission to create their own unique style through a choice selection of originals and covers. Skilful. Members: Remy (keyboards/vocals), Riley (drums/vocals), Sam (guitar), Nat (bass) Band formed: September 2019 Socials: Find Myths on Instagram here


Style: Look out world! Here we have The OTT’s, a fun and fully rocking four-piece full on energy, humour and style. New to the Allstars and already smashing it, The OTT’s are bringing it on! Members: Otto (vocals), Roman (guitar), Oscar (drums), Tom (guitar) Band formed: May 2024


Style: The Blue Dots are a fun and stylish four-piece bringing in a soulful and skilful set of top tunes for your listening pleasure. Super cool! Members: Starlett (vocals), Rose (keyboards), Olive (drums), Tula (guitar) Band formed: April 2023


Style: Monumental are a dynamic and energetic five-piece with character, drive and style and a set of engaging and attention-grabbing bangers! Members: Mack (vocals), Izzy (guitar/backing vocals), Dom (guitar), Logan (drums), Oskar (bass) Band formed: September 2023 Socials: Find Monumental on Instagram here:


Style: One of the most recent new bands to the Allstars and already blazing a trail, here we have The Clones, a power-trio with verve, commitment and ideas – this band is going places! Members: Poppy (vocals), Betsy (drums), Annabel (guitar) Band formed: March 2024 Socials: Find The Clones on Instagram here:


Style: Montana are a brand new and already fully rocking four-piece bringing an eclectic and fun setlist playing with style, character and skill. Great logo too! Members: Maisie (vocals), Isla (guitar), Flo (bass), Alexa (drums) Band formed: September 2022 Socials: Find Montana on Instagram here


Style: Work in Progress are a super skilful and dynamic trio with a fresh and eclectic selection of songs performers with style, energy and drive. Ones to watch! Members: Casper (drums), Joel (guitar/vocals), Ethan (bass) Band formed: April 2023


Style: KInetics are a creative and fun new Allstars band who already have an original song to sit alongside a quirky and eclectic set of quality tunes. Flying start! Members: Lilly (vocals), Evie (guitar), Emily (keyboards), Betty (drums) Band formed: April 2024


Style: Destination Unknown are a three-piece band on a mission to bring some rock, some soul and some fun to the world with their tunes! Members: Ed (guitar/vocals), Freddie (drums), Monti (guitar) Band formed: April 2017 Socials: Find Destination Unknown on Instagram here:


Style: Here we have the most excellent four-piece South 43, a band that combine a solid rhythm section with inventive and super sharp guitar and charismatic and soulful vocals to form a cohesive and engaging whole. Top quality! Members: Silas (guitar), Finn (vocals), Dudley (drums), Oscar (bass) Band formed: April 2023


Style: Girls On Film combine strong soulful vocals from Lolly alongside solid and skilful backing from Ain on bass, Isla on guitar and MJ on drums to produce a harmonious and powerful sound. Loads of potential here! Members: Lolly (vocals), Isla (guitar), Ain (bass), MJ (drums) Band formed: September 2022 Socials: Find Girls on Film on Instagram here:


Style: Dynamic four-piece Jimmy Dogfish display huge potential as a group with bags of energy and skill along with full rock power! Members: Tom (vocals), Milo (guitar), Danny (drums), Milo (keyboards), Logan (bass) Band formed: September 2021


Style: With a forward-thinking and eclectic setlist and a selection of top quality songs played with style and energy, Joy Green are a band with great potential to go far with their music. Members: Mateo (drums), Scott (guitar), Patrick (vocals/guitar), Joe (bass) Socials: Find Joy Green on Instagram here Band formed: September 2021


Style: Firing on all cylinders, Earwig are knocking it out the park with a stylish and powerful set of songs delivered with focus energy and commitment. Ones to watch! Members: Delilah (vocals), Ed (guitar), Elodie (bass/vocals), Herbie (drums/vocals) Band formed: September 2021 Socials: Find Earwig on Instagram here:



Style: Dusk are a quartet that mean business – Dylan, James, George and Libby combine expert musicianship all round with a forward-thinking setlist of rock songs to create a sound that is bigger than its parts. This band are going places! Members: Dylan (drums), James (vocals), George (guitar), Libby (bass) Band formed: April 2023 Socials: Find Dusk on Instagram here