We believe that all Allstars bands are capable of writing their own music so, as part of the Allstars sessions, we assist and encourage young musicians to compose their own songs.

Once their creations are ready for the world, we offer recording and production expertise and materials in order to get every song sounding tip top! These songs are then released on music platforms as well as being released as fundraising songs for local charities – every song fully supported and promoted by the Allstars.

Since 2009 we have been storing every song ever written by an Allstars band on our ‘Original Allstars Archive’ on Soundcloud and this has built up into a musical history of what the young people in the collective have written about over the years. A number of songs in the archive feature musicians who have now found significant success out there in the music business, either in bands or as session musicians.

Take a look at our Soundcloud below and have a listen to what we’ve been up to over the last 15 years: