Our vision, mission and values

Our Vision:

The Shoreham Allstars’ vision is to provide young people across the UK with the venues, resources and support they need to fulfil their potential as musicians and enrich their communities with their music.

Our Mission:

The SHroeham Allstars’ mission mission is, through creating and maintaining young musicians’ collectives, to give young people across the UK the chance to experience the many facets of music in an environment that they feel safe, supported and inspired.

Through developing year-long paths of events and activities we will provide young musicians with opportunities to express themselves through music on stage, in rehearsal rooms and in recording studios and to give them the chance to do this regardless of age, background or musical ability.

Our Values:


  •  Bold and audacious, demonstrating confidence, resolution and endurance.


  • Having the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or  possibilities that can create positive change


  • Serving a useful function, providing assistance, making it easier for the company to operate


  • Performing and functioning in the most effective way possible


  • Positive in attitude and full of energy, commitment and drive