Join us!

JOIN US, PLAY IN A BAND! Get your son or daughter into a band and onto a stage near you! The tried and tested way to join the Allstars is through our Taster Sessions. We then form bands based on people’s abilities, music tastes and ages and run weekly half hour sessions with the purpose of getting bands up and running and onstage! In your first term you’ll have learnt your first set of songs.


WE LIKE TO PLAY! As part of the Shoreham and Original Allstars community you and your band will have the opportunity to play in front of live audiences on an average of two gigs a month, all year round. The Allstars are busy all year round with live performances at various venues and events in the South East. Performing music live is what makes all those hours of practise worthwhile and so we have built


LEGENDS IN THE MAKING! Each allstars member joins an allstars band which rehearse together weekly. From your very first ‘Getting Started’ session you will be part of a new band that quickly learns to play songs together and then has the opportunity to play live gigs throughout the year. The Allstars bands cover an exciting and wide range of music genres and styles, from rock and metal to Indie and pop, all with their own